Welcome to the website for the Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley and Walsall branches of NARPO.

NARPO exists to safeguard the rights of members and promote measures for their welfare with particular reference to pensions.

NARPO members have access to various organisations nationally who offer discounts on motor insurance, house and contents insurance, travel insurance. Other benefits include investment and legal advice, discounted holidays.

The site has been designed to suit the needs of both specific branches and the membership in general and takes on board experience gained from the site previously hosted by West Midlands Police, e.g. the archived obituary list now covers two years rather than one.

Whichever branch you have joined please glance at the other branches pages as some reunions that apply to you may be on other branches’ pages.

The site should be used in conjunction with the national site for which there is a link.  Information on the national site will not normally be duplicated on the local site as accurate updating could be a problem. Information regarding pensions and, especially Injury on Duty awards, changes at such a pace that efficient duplication would be unworkable.

Members with items they want posted should contact the appropriate branch which will consider whether or not to add it.  It should be noted that there is no intention to add a social network section to the site nor anything of a similar nature.

Feedback, good or bad, is welcome, but one can’t please everyone so it won’t necessarily result in changes being made.

For website Data Protection provisions and the website Terms and Conditions, please use the link below