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BBC Documentary - Abortion Act 1967

From Jacci PARRY, BBC


I’m writing to you from an independent television company called Yeti Television where we are making an oral history documentary for BBC Wales/BBC 4 (tbc) about abortion and the 1967 Abortion Act.   The film which i'm currently researching will air on BBC Wales/BBC 4 (tbc) in April 2018  to coincide with 50 years since the implementation of the 1967 Abortion act and will look at the impact it had on the lives of women  and men in England and Wales.   Before the Act came into being abortion was neither safe or legal and deaths as a result of botched backstreet abortions were the leading cause of maternal death.  We also know that many women were prosecuted/found themselves on the wrong side of the law for either performing or procuring backstreet abortions.    Called ‘Beyond the Backstreet’ the film will tell the story of how safe & legal abortion came into being and will explore the desperate measures women were forced into before the act was passed. We also envisage bringing the story up to date and looking at how attitudes have changed – or not – in the past fifty years.


As part of my research I've now interviewed a number of midwives and senior healthcare professionals who recall police being called into hospital to investigate botched abortions, i'm also told that many back street abortionists were prosecuted.   As such I would very much like to tell the legal story and would love to hear from retired police officers, magistrates & lawyers who may have professional experiences they'd be willing to share.     


I can assure everyone that we are treating this subject with the sensitivity it deserves.   I would be enormously grateful if you are able to circulate this email among your retired members in the hope that one or two of them might have personal recollections they'd be happy to share.  At this stage i'm not asking people to go on camera merely to help me with my background research and all conversations will be treated with the strictest confidence.  I can be emailed at or by phone on  my mobile 07855 358525 or in the office on 02920 223456 and ask for Jacci Parry.