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Appeal For Help With Research - Female Officers Serving Between 1939 and 1990



I hope that I have sent this to the correct email address and I would be very grateful if any of your female members would be willing to help with the following.  I am an ex West Midlands officer and served 1995 -2003, before transferring to West Mercia, from where I was medically retired at the end of 2012.  I am a member of NARPO via the West Mercia branch.

I am now doing a part-time MPhil / PhD at the University of Worcester.  My research project, within the School of Humanities, is on the history of female police officers within the West Midlands area 1939 - 1990, and I was wondering if you could put something, as detailed below, on your NARPO emails or in Newsletters, appealing for help with my research - 



I am currently carrying out research for my Mhil/PhD at the University of Worcester. The subject of my research is the roles and experiences of female officers who served in the forces of the West Midlands between 1939 and 1990 with a particular focus on the period of World War Two and the WAPC and also the implications of the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 upon women in policing.


I would be particularly interested to hear from any women who served as police officers at any time between 1939 and 1990 who may be able to help with the following -

1) Women’s experiences within their forces during this time.

2)Any official/unofficial discrimination they feel that they may of faced in terms of opportunities and roles. 

3) Women who had positive experiences and may of been one of the first women to undertake roles away from the Women’s department or shift work.


If anybody would like to assist me with my research I would be extremely grateful.  Initially it will take the form of completing a questionnaire and then possibly an oral interview.  If anybody has any photos they would like to share that would also be most welcome. I can be contacted on or 07748 397739.


Many Thanks for your time and help with this.


Kind Regards


Lisa Cox-Davies