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Opportunity to Take Part in Hunted TV Series

Have you led investigatons or operations in the police, military or security services?

Do you have expertise in tracking down wanted or missing people?

Have you got recent experience in the world of intelligence, surveillance, or criminal manhunts?

If so, Shine TV are looking for experts from all professional backgrounds to take part in Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated series Hunted. We are looking for men and women of all ages (18+) with proven investiatve experience in the UK and elsewhere to play a crucial on-screen role in the Hunter team.

If you’re interested you would need to be available from mid-May to mid-July 2019

To apply, please email your name, and a brief descripton of your relevant experience (e.g. CV), to

Usinig your personal informatoin Shine TV complies with the Data Protecton Act 2018 and the General Data Protecton
Regulaton. Shine TV will only process your personal data to the extent necessary to review your suitability for the advertsed role and/or to contact you in relaton to the advertised role. All personal data is kept securely and your personal data will not be transferred to other third partes, other than Channel 4 and programme insurers, without your consent unless the Company is required to do so by law. For more informaton, please see Shine’s privacy notce at: