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TV Programme - Domestic Abuse within Police Forces - Help Required from Experienced Investigator or Professional Standards Officer

I'm a reporter working on a story with BBC Victoria Derbyshire and the Times about how police forces deal with domestic abuse allegations against their own employees.


I was wondering if anyone in your local branch used to work in either professional standards or domestic abuse, and would be interested in speaking to me for the piece (not necessarily on camera). Having a former officer's voice would add balance and weight to what I think is a very important story.


It would involve them reading the misconduct reports from the cases involved and commenting on whether they think the outcomes were as they should have been. The forces involved do not cover the same area as your local branch. 


I'd really appreciate any help you could offer me in finding someone.


Many thanks in advance,



Alexandra Heal


+44 203 8927490

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism