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Stories required for Police Museum


I volunteer at Steelhouse Lane in an effort to help turn it into a living Museum. We do this through running various events at the location in a bid to gain more funds to help with its creation. this is done in conjunction with a National Lottery bid which has been successful.

As part of these events we tell the history and story behind SHL through Open source research and other means. What we are very short of anecdotes from officers who served there throughout their career. I was wondering if there was any way we could ask retired officers, with your help, for their stories about their time at SHL?

It would be a wonderful addition to the rich history of SHL and also a way to honor the Officers who served there.

Any help at all would be deeply appreciated. I am willing to come and speak to you guys should you wish to.

Kindest regards Turlough

Turlough O Carolan