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Miners Strike 1984 - Release of South Yorkshire Police Archives

South Yorkshire Police is currently considering the release of its archives in relation to the Miners' Strike in 1984.

The Force is currently consulting with other forces, NARPO, Police Federation etc. and following advice from our Data Protection Officer, NARPO has made an initial response. 

Several of us attended South Yorkshire (and other) sites during the miners’ strike, but it is Orgreave that seems to be under specific attention. The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign are pressing for officers to be identified – albeit South Yorkshire Police (and other Chief Constables) are suggesting only inspectors and above will be named.

OTJC Website Extract:- The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign includes ex-miners, Trades Unionists, activists and others who are determined to get justice for miners who were victims of police lies and cover ups at Orgreave in June 1984.

NARPO, nationally, is cautioning all colleagues to take care in posting public comments - particularly on social media - as such comments may feature in any future criminal or other enquiry.