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TV Company Requires Assistance - New True Crime Series

ZigZag productions, one of the UK's leading television production companies, based in London, specialises in factual programming. They are currently in the early stages of production for a new true crime series with the working title, Secrets of The Interrogation Room.  It is going to be a show that uses police recordings of interviews with suspects prior to conviction on several serious cases and attempts to analyse criminal psychology as well as police interrogation tactics with the help of criminal psychologists, police, and experts in the field.

They are trying to compile a list of cases that could potentially feature in the series, with an emphasis on the more serious crimes. Their vision for the series is that it predominantly focuses on the footage of the police interviews so they would need interesting interviews rather than suspects who refuse to comment. Perhaps, the detectives might crack the case during the interview or a suspect suddenly confesses. After they have selected appropriate cases, they will need to obtain footage and broadcasting rights for the interviews. 

ZigZag is enquiring whether anyone might know of any cases that would work well on the show. They would love to hear from any retired police officers who have tales to tell.  

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