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Private Healthcare Scheme, a message from your chairman

Like many of you I have been a member of the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund and the Police Healthcare Scheme since they started in 1978. I have been on the Management Committee for the past six years representing NARPO members on the Eastern side of the force. Gordon Meredith your President has been a member of the Management Committee and a Director since its inception.

I am proud of what both the Benevolent Fund and the PHS have achieved over the years, and this has only been possible by the younger members contributing more than they have received back in terms of assistance and healthcare. It is a fact of life that as we grow older some of us we have needed to use the PHS far more than we did when we were younger, but as recruiting has been stopped for the time being and police pay has been cut in real terms, it means that there are many less younger officers joining or remaining in the PHS, so expenditure is exceeding income, and has been for some time, and so the future of the PHS has become less certain.

The Directors and Management Committee have been concerned about this uncertainty for some time, and they have done a lot of work to ensure that both the Benevolent Fund and the PHS will continue to function effectively and be financially viable in the future.

You will already have received a letter, and will shortly be receiving a further document giving fuller details of what is proposed, together with a voting slip. There will also be an EGM at Tally Ho on a date to be fixed within the next few weeks.

Further details will follow but what is proposed will involve the current scheme we belong to being ring fenced for 10 years. New products will be introduced by the PMAS.

This offer by Police Mutual will ensure that the Benevolent Fund will survive and prosper, as will the PHS. I have been fully consulted and had the opportunity to speaking directly to PMAS regarding the proposals and I am satisfied that the proposals being put forward are the right ones. Read the information you get carefully, and ensure that you cast your vote, as it will count. I shall be voting in favour of the proposals, as I genuinely believe that is the right course of action to take, and I hope that after carefully reading the proposals you agree with me.

If you wish to discuss the matter more fully after you have received the further information then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Ben Whitehouse.