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TV Advertising Casting Opportunity

We are casting a lovely ad campaign, we often cast 'real' people, as opposed to professional models, as many companies want a real story to be shared, which is so amazing! So we thought of the amazing retired police officers that may be interested!

We are looking for Retired or about to retire Homeowners who are in their late 50's, 60’s and 70’s to feature in a new ad campaign. We are unable to mention who it’s for yet (these things are kept back in the earlier stages of casting!)

If any applicant is selected, they would be paid, which is always nice! All they have to do is email: with their name, contact number, where they are based and a photo if they have one.  We will then get back to them to share a little more info regarding the campaign. Or a family member or friend may get in contact on their behalf with their permission.


We have created a flyer with all of the info (Flyer is attached), so would be wonderful if you would be able to share this with anyone you know or your contacts / social media. 

We are up against time, so would be very grateful if anyone is interested could try to contact us this week.

Many thanks for your time, Shephali
Casting Associate