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Narpo Travel Insurance Update

I have received the following update about the Narpo Travel Insurance presently arranged with AXA through Towergate, and a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). 

As soon as we get new information from Narpo HQ abut the new provider, I will circulate it. We are told a further update with more detailed information from Towergate will be made in the next couple of weeks

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Narpo HQ Update 

Following an extensive review of the market by Towergate Health & Protection, we are pleased to confirm that we have accepted a travel insurance proposal, arranged specially for members of NARPO. We are aware many members will have questions about the new policy, especially if they have an existing AXA Health policy due to expire in the coming weeks. Please be assured WE are working hard with the insurer to launch the new policy in the coming weeks. However, until the policy is formally launched, we are unable to provide quotes or arrange cover. To answer the most common questions members may have about the new policy, please find below some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that provides more detail about the upcoming policy. We are receiving very high levels of calls at the moment, which is making it difficult for the team to respond quickly to queries from members who may need assistance with claims, wish to arrange the renewal of their PMI policy, or other matters regarding their policy. If members have general questions about the new policy that are not answered by the attached FAQ document, we would be grateful if they could wait a little longer before calling the team. We will notify members as soon as possible once the new policy is available to purchase. In the meantime, we are grateful for your patience and understanding as we work through the necessary steps to put the new policy in place. 

FAQs From Towergate 

Will I be automatically enrolled on to the new product when my AXA Health policy comes to an end?  

There is no connection between the outgoing AXA Health policy and the new policy. If you require travel insurance after your AXA Health policy comes to an end, please contact Towergate Health & Protection who will discuss the options available to you.  

How do I take out this new policy?  

Once the new policy is available to purchase, you will be able to obtain a quote and buy a policy online, or by calling Towergate Health & Protection.  

What if I want to remain with AXA for another year?  

The insurer wrote to you at your last renewal or when you purchased your current policy, to advise that the policy was coming to an end. If you require travel insurance, please contact us once the new policy is available, or visit the new website once launched, in order to obtain a quote and purchase a policy.  

Do I have to declare medical conditions to take out the policy? 

Yes, the policy premium is based on each customer’s medical history, with underwriting terms designed specifically for older customers to ensure as many members as possible are able to obtain cover. It is important to provide all the medical information requested and answer all medical questions fully.  

Are there special terms available to NARPO members?  

Yes, for NARPO members all policy premiums are discounted by 5% compared to the insurer’s standard rates, whether you purchase an annual multi-trip policy or a single trip policy.  

What if I live outside the United Kingdom?  

The policy is available if you live in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.  

I’m over 85 years of age, can I still have a policy?  

Whilst the maximum age limit for an annual multi-trip policy is 85 at the start or renewal of the policy, single trip cover is available to members up to the age of 115. 

 What is ‘single trip’ cover?  

This covers you for a one-off trip for a set period of time. What is ‘annual multi trip’ cover? This covers you for as many trips as you take within a whole year. This is typically more cost-effective than the single trip option if you’re taking more than two holidays within that period.