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ACTION FRAUD - Doorstep Crime Advice

Distraction burglars will attempt to use convincing stories to manipulate their way into someone's home. They may claim to be from a reputable authority such as the police or the council, be a representative from a utility company or even be a neighbour looking for a lost ball. Once inside the property, they will steal goods themselves, or distract the homeowner while an unseen accomplice takes items of value.

Rogue traders will approach a property and offer services such as gardening work, gutter clearing, window cleaning or other house maintenance. They may claim that this work is necessary for their own safety, or that a local council has authorised the work. They carry out unnecessary or overpriced work, at a cost often higher than originally quoted.

  • NEVER accept work from anyone who offers it over the phone or at your door
  • NEVER go to the bank with a tradesperson or give them your account details
  • NEVER let anyone into your property unless you know them
  • REMEMBER that representatives from utility companies, local authorities or the police will always happily show their identification, wait for a trusted family member or friend to join the homeowner, or move to a different location before conducting any necessary business.

DO NOT accept a phone number they have provided to verify the individual. Use central office numbers from the internet or your local directory to find the legitimate number. You can also keep your account numbers handy and ask the person to provide this number. Ultimately though, if you are ensure: do not let them into your property.