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Aggressive Cold Calling

Cold calling is the act of making uninvited visits to a resident's home to sell goods or services.
Aggressive selling can include behaviour such as:

  • entering your home and refusing to leave until you buy something
  • using ‘scare tactics’ to convince you that you need something
  • telling you that you’ve ordered something that you haven’t
  • constantly contacting you and pestering you into buying something
  • using guilt to force you to buy something, e.g. telling you they’ll lose their job if you don’t buy something
    Citizens Advice have very helpful information regarding what to do if you wish to cancel a service you have arranged, or changed your mind about something you feel you were pressured into buying. It doesn’t matter where you were sold the item or service - it can include door-to-door, telephone or in-shop sales.

    Consumer advice is available from Citizens Advise here: