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Employment with Wilson James Security


Message from Paul CLEWS, Contract Manager

I have been working as a Contract manager for a national security company for the past 3 years and we are looking to expand our team in the coming weeks. One of our teams is based in Birmingham not far from J4 of the M5 and I was hoping there may be some recently/soon to be retired officers who would be interested in this employment opportunity. 

 Our team are paid £12.28 per hour and the full time staff work an average of 42 hrs per week. However, I would consider taking on reduced hours staff if we could reach an agreement on the shifts. the team are mobile patrols n 4 x 4 vehicles, information gathering on a large infrastructure programme that spans our region. They work in pairs doing 4 x 12 hour days, 4 rest days, 4 x 12 hour nights and 4 rest days. 

 The role would require a DS level of SIA badge, but the company pay for this training if the 'recruit' agrees to a training agreement. That is, if they leave within a short space of time, they would have to refund partial costs of the course (a sliding scale amount that is dependent upon how soon they leave). It is an useful qualification to open opportunities in the industry.

 If anyone is interested , please send your expression of interest to me at .