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Request for Volunteers to help the Vaccine Roll Out

I am the West midlands regional representative for RE:ACT a national charity responding to the CoVid 19 Pandemic. Our volunteers are primarily military veterans or Ex emergency services. We are carrying out many volunteering activities nationwide, marshalling at vaccine centres, delivering CoVid Testing, sterilising and restocking ambulances, and many more. Calls for assistance from our volunteer network are increasing as more vaccine sites go live and as pressure on hospitals and Ambulance services increase. Ex Police and Fire personnel are perfect volunteers, they can relate to the roles, have given a life time of service, are disciplined, hard working and used to adapting on the ground and often have some spare time on their hands. We are running short of volunteers, particularly in the West Midlands Region and parts of the South West. Would you be so kind to share the link below with your members. Here they can lean more about the charity and if they are interested can click on a link to enrol as a volunteer. Many thanks for taking the time to consider this request.

Regards Harry Starkey