HERBERT PROTOCOL Dementia or Alzheimers Suffers Going Missing

HERBERT PROTOCOL – Dementia or Alzheimer’s Suffers Going Missing

The Herbert Protocol was adopted by numerous Police Forces and Partners in relation to Persons who suffer with all forms of Memory Loss and may be at risk of going missing. George HERBERT who was a Second World War veteran and suffered with dementia went missing trying to find his childhood home, he was later found deceased by search officers.

Caring for someone who has Dementia or Alzheimer’s is extremely hard and there is always the risk that they may wonder off and get lost.

To help the Police and Partners trace the person a prepared Herbert Protocol form will speed up the process having given the Police a history of the missing person. Filling out a form will save you having to remember information at a stressful time if the person does missing.

If you are aware of anybody who you think may benefit from knowing about the Herbert Protocol please being it to their attention.

Please see the attachment below for a copy of the form by clicking on the icon.


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