Dudley Branch Officials


Chair: Laura BURFORD : Chair@dudleynarpo.org.uk

Secretary: Steve PERRINS dudley@narpo.org

Treasurer: David Williams treasurer@dudleynarpo.org.uk

Welfare Officer:Sue Cleeton & Peter Burford dudley@narpo.org 07954439536

Ladies group: Carol PERRINS dudley@narpo.org

Welcome to the Dudley and District Branch of N.A.R.P.O. 


  • Dudley's Bereavement Booklet contains useful information about what members may need to consider when a loved one passes on. It also contains local phone numbers that will connect you to Dudley Borough organisations. Copies will will be provided on notification of death along with a condolence card. Electronic copies are available by emailing dudley@narpo.org.


  • Ladies Group

Dudley ladies hold regular events and functions which are in addition to all the other functions. Sometimes Ladies need time together and this group is very active in providing  that support.


  • Social Media 

Dudley Branch has a Facebook page which is private for members and potential members. Send a ‘friends’ request to Dudley and District NARPO Facebook page for the quickest updates.


For photographs visit Dudley_narpo on Instagram. Don't forget will will also keep you informed on this webpage too.


Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, please click here to contact directly using our online form.